The gospel is the most beautiful story I know.
Every time I speak, I want to share the beauty, truth, and goodness of Jesus.


Whether I’m speaking at a conference, at a college, at churches, retreats, or women’s groups, my goal is to bring warmth, good questions, a dash of humor, and practical steps to my audience — all in service of the gospel.

Although I often work to develop fresh content with a group, here are a sampling of popular topics:

Popular Topics:

Ordinary Evangelism: Cultivating Kingdom Virtues

Creating Habits of Generosity in A Culture of Affluence

Suburban Bootcamp: A Seminar Series Moving You from Consumer to Missionary

2- and 3-Session Retreats and Workshops:

“Living Faithfully in the Land of Too Much: Knowing God, Knowing Your People, Knowing Your Place”

What People Are Saying

I spoke to so many of the women that said the message was exactly what they needed to hear. It was what I needed to hear.
— Anjuli Paschall, writer + pastor's wife

You put into words feelings I didn’t quite know I had, and then gave me hope.
— Holly Kajut, MOPs Coordinator

In reading some of what you have written, the tone and substance of your work are notes we are seeking to strike here at our church. We want to tie our work less to the fads of the the evangelical landscape and more to the Great Tradition and historic Christian orthodoxy. ... We are desiring to feed our church with a steady diet of teachers who stand within that stream.
— Sam Paschall + Jamin Goggin, Co-pastors of Mission Hills Church San Marcos