#17 Casey Tygrett on the Redemption of Soul Memories


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Today, I sit down with Casey Tygrett to talk about memories. We talk about how they influence our lives and communities and how God might be inviting us into a larger story of redemption through spiritual practices. It’s a wide-ranging conversation — from memories of God’s people in the bible, to how God might make our memories sacred again, and how pain fits into the picture. Plus we talk about how the soul is like a burrito.

Listen in. Casey Tygrett is an author, pastor, and host of the otherWISE podcast. His new book is called As I Recall: Discovering the Place of Memories In Our Spiritual Life . He is also the author of Becoming Curious: A Spiritual Practice of Asking Questions. You can connect with Casey and find more information on his website or read his weekly Patheos blog “Everything Becoming”. Casey and his wife Holley and daughter “The B” live just outside of Chicago, IL. 


Casey’s book, As I Recall: https://amzn.to/2tCELJH

Casey’s book, Becoming Curious: https://amzn.to/2U1ytir

Casey’s website: http://www.caseytygrett.com

Casey’s podcast: https://apple.co/2tA2WbM

Patheos Blog: https://bit.ly/2TbGzb7


“The soul is like a burrito” and other fun things I heard @cktygrett say with @aahales on the #findingholypodcast: https://apple.co/2khEivw

“Our memories have written a through line and the Spirit of God says I can take this and do something with it.” @cktygrett on the #findingholypodcast with @aahales: https://apple.co/2khEivw

“Memories have seasons.” @cktygrett on @aahales’ the #findingholypodcast: https://apple.co/2khEivw

“Communities have memories. Lament can help us acknowledge pain.” @cktygrett on @aahales’ the #findingholypodcast: https://apple.co/2khEivw


We’re borrowing one right from Casey’s playbook, try taking 5 minutes today and writing out (scripting) a memory. Write down the who, what, when, and where. Involve your senses. Tell a concrete story with details. Then take just 2 minutes of solitude and silence and ask God: What might you be wanting me to do or know from this memory? Invite the Spirit of God in to your memories. It’s part of how we experience God’s presence in a daily way.

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of As I Recall for more great practices. Casey is a trusted guide to walk alongside you.

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