#15 Lore Ferguson Wilbert on The Goodness of Bodies 


If you’re someone who struggles to know how our bodies fit into our faith, this conversation is for you. 

There’s so much around the idea of touch in the church and in our culture that feels like a landmine. While we can be tempted to believe we’re brains on sticks or disembodied souls, Jesus came as a man to show us the power and ministry of touch.

You’ll want to listen in this week to hear Lore’s wisdom about embodied faith, touch, and her new book releasing in 2020, Handle with Care.

Lore Ferguson Wilbert has lived all over the United States and is unsettled enough to call nowhere home, but she lives in Flower Mound, Texas for now. She is a wife to her husband and a member of The Village Church where they both serve. She writes and edits full time for many publications like The Gospel Coalition, CT, Revive Our Hearts, Fathom Magazine, and The Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission on spiritual formation, faith, culture, and theology in life. You can read more of her work at sayable.net


Lore’s website: www.sayable.net

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Begin your day by praying over your body. Thank God for each part. Pray for healing for each part. Thank God for your body – for your brain, your heart, your belly, your hips, your toes. Ask the Holy Spirit to comfort you and show you the goodness of the gospel through your body and where you move today.


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“Big things matter, but so does the laundry.” May your laundry folding, dinner-preparing, walking-self experience God more fully because of your body this week.