#3 Jen Pollock Michel on finding home in a big city


Award-winning author Jen Pollock Michel and I talk about how you can belong to a place when you’re an expat, our longings for home, and her amazing laundry song. You won’t want to miss this conversation about the incarnation, owning dogs, and how we belong to our places.

We want the Finding Holy Podcast to help connect the dots between the things that matter and your everyday, holy life. Here’s one small step to take to do just that:

Take a walk. With or without a dog or kids. This allows you to meet neighbors and begin to hear their stories. So schedule a walk in your neighborhood this week. Simply start paying attention to the needs around you. As you walk more regularly, you’ll meet people, see needs to meet, and make time and space to pray and reflect.


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Link to purchase Teach Us to Want: https://amzn.to/2EkuI4n

Link to purchase Keeping Place: https://amzn.to/2Cg6CVI

Jen’s website: https://www.jenpollockmichel.com/

Twitter: @jenpmichel


“We can actually look at salvation itself as an act of housekeeping.” -@jenpmichel on home, Toronto, laundry and paradox for the #findingholy podcast with @aahales: https://apple.co/2CeiHLg