#8 Sam Wheatley on the spirituality of parking in New York City


My guest this week is Rev. Sam Wheatley, who we met when he was our pastor in Salt Lake city, UT. Whereas we’ve moved on to church planting in the SoCal suburbs, Sam and his wife Kate have moved back to NYC. Sam is the Executive Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church Downtown. He and his wife, Kate, have three grown children. 

Places form our loves. They also form our habits. I’d noticed how Sam was chronicling his new life in NYC on Instagram and how moving the car had become a spiritual space for contemplation and exploration. I was fascinated and I wanted to know how the big city connected with the gospel. Listen in. 


Identify one transitional moment — find one spot in your day, whether that’s moving the car, doing the laundry, or your morning commute and consider how you can turn it Godward instead of self-ward (or simply distracting yourself with technology). Identify one transitional step — meditate on a line from scripture, or say a simple prayer in your transitional moment. These sorts of small habits fashion our attention toward God and his gospel rather than towards self. 


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We’ll be back in January for a special edition of “Suburban Bootcamp” with Bryce and Ashley Hales. In January expect a few episodes where Bryce and Ashley Hales sit down to talk about how to start from the ground up creating a culture of generosity, vulnerability and hospitality. You’ll want to listen in if you’re in ministry, if you live in the suburbs, or even if you’re curious about how to take some practical steps in conjunction with my book Finding Holy in the Suburbs.