#2: Alan Noble on Living Your Digital Life Well

In the first episode of “The Finding Holy Podcast,” I sit down to talk with Alan Noble, author of the book Disruptive Witness. We talk about everything from Twitter, Instagramming your hike, to best practices online, his book, ironing, dressing nicely and doing the laundry.

Connect the dots between the things that matter and your everyday, holy life: 3 questions for you as you consider how to interact in online spaces:

  1. What are my triggers? (Do I go to Twitter when I’m angry, sad or lonely? What are other ways I might deal with my emotions?)

  2. What is a healthy amount of time to be online? (And, when am I consciously turning off?)

  3. What practices might I take up to engage with God, myself, or others this week? (Try taking a walk like Alan).


Link to purchase Disruptive Witness: https://amzn.to/2P2ZnnL

Christ and Pop Culture

Alan’s website: oalannoble.com

Twitter: @TheAlanNoble