Join the Launch Team!

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Asking for help is hard -- though I think as I get older, it's getting easier (4 kids will do that for you!). But here's the thing: I need YOUR help getting my book, Finding Holy in the Suburbs, out into the world. 

Gone are the days where authors sent off their manuscript to a publisher and it magically appeared on bookshelves. Now there's 8 million books on Amazon and every new book is out there with every other book in the universe. But most of all, I need your help to get Finding Holy in the Suburbs out into the world because i desperately believe we need it. 

Finding Holy in the Suburbs is a book that says places form our loves in ways we might not even realize. I believe that we’re all searching to belong; we’re searching for the “good life,” and all places give us answers to those questions. The question for those of us in the suburbs is if we’re living what our places says is “good” or if we’re living what the kingdom of God says is good.

I'm inviting my readers to join me in launching my book into the world by joining the Launch Team!

You don't have to be an author, pastor, or someone with a large social media following. You just need to want to share the message of Finding Holy in the Suburbs with others. And, did I mention there will be prizes? Do you like free books and prizes? Who doesn't? The Launch Team will be fun and feel like a party. 

How to Apply for the Launch Team

It's simple. Fill out this application here! Don't worry about the social media numbers -- that's just to give our team a heads up about how best to launch this book. 


Benefits of Joining the Launch Team

* FREE digital copy of Finding Holy in the Suburbs to read right away!

* FREE copy of the paperback book weeks before it's released

* An invitation to join a just-for-us Facebook group where you'll hear from me, meet friends, and help process the content of the book

* The chance to win giveaways and prizes and even one-on-one coaching from me


Requirements of Joining the Launch Team

* You agree to show up and participate.

* You agree to write a review during the week the book launches on Amazon and other retail sites. 

* You agree to spread the word about the book on social media and in person with friends, family, and churches (don't worry, we'll give you all you need to easily do this!)

That's it! The God of the Bible is a generous giver and I can't wait to give you this message that's been brewing in my heart over the last several years. 


The Next Step

APPLY to join the Launch Team now!

Now is also a fabulous time to pre-order the book. You'll have one for you coming from my publisher and then you'll have one to give away. Pre-orders help distributors know to stock the book so they don't run out on launch day. And, when you pre-order Finding Holy in the Suburbs, we'll have some special things for you too. 

Hurry! Space is limited! The application will close in just a few days on September 9! We'll kick things off in our Facebook group on September 10! 


I cannot wait to get Finding Holy in the Suburbs into your hands. I can't wait to chat about how the book is changing you or your neighborhood. I'm giddy to see the book in your pictures and talk together about how God is a Father who runs to meet his wayward children -- even in the suburbs.