Can you be creative without losing your actual life?

You want to be creative, but then LIFE…

The Creative Cohort Course is open!

It’s only open ONCE per year and that time is NOW!


Be creative.

Don’t lose your real life.

In the Creative Cohort, you’ll get practical strategies, encouragement, and questions to help you pursue your creative life without losing your actual life.

You might be interested if:

  • You're busy, you don't have large amounts of time;

  • You have creative ideas but aren't sure what to do with them or how to find time for them;

  • You don't have a system (or yours isn't working);

  • You need help, encouragement and a few small steps to get started!

What you'll get:

  • 4 short videos and audio lessons to help you turn your ideas into actionable steps;

  • A free workbook to help take what you learn into your everyday life;

  • Weekly Facebook Live videos to interact with me;

  • An exclusive Facebook group to encourage each other and ask questions;

  • Content that you can listen to on-the-go and at your own pace;

  • Optional upgrade for private coaching!

The price for this content, live Facebook videos is just $150. It's a perfect present for you or a Mother's Day gift for a woman in your life who wants to invest in herself (and it lasts way longer than Mother's Day brunch!). 

If you want the optional add-on personalized 45-minute coaching session with me, the price is just $200.

Let's give up the excuses of being "too busy" and get what you need to integrate your creative side in the midst of your real life. 


Who’s teaching this?

Ashley Hales wrote a book and PhD dissertation largely in slivers of time. She doesn’t have an assistant or fancy writing cabin. Ashley is the author of Finding Holy in the Suburbs (IVP) and lots of articles around the web. She holds a PhD in English from Edinburgh, Scotland. She’s a busy mom to 4, wife to a pastor, and loves helping other writers find tools.

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